Natuna, Another hidden beauty of the islands of Indonesia

Natuna, Another hidden beauty of the islands of Indonesia

Natuna, Another hidden beauty of the islands of Indonesia

Natuna Islands, is one of regencies in Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. Natuna is the northernmost islands in the strait Karimata. In the north, bordering Natuna Vietnam and Cambodia, south of the border with South Sumatra and Jambi, in the western part of Singapore, Malaysia, Riau, and in the east with East Malaysia and West Kalimantan. Natuna is on international cruise lines Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This District is famous for producing Oil and Gas. Natuna oil reserves are estimated at 14.38647 million barrels, while natural gas 112 356 680 barrels.
Natuna Islands history is inseparable from the history of the Riau Islands, because prior to stand alone as an autonomous region, and the Natuna Islands are a portion Riau.Kabupaten Natuna Islands Territory was established by Act No. 53 of 1999 which ratified on October 12, 1999, with dilantiknya Natuna Regent Drs. H. Andi Rivai Siregar by Interior Minister General of the Armed Forces ad intrem Faisal Tanjung in Jakarta.
Based on his physical condition, Natuna Islands are hilly and mountainous land of stone. Lowlands and are found at the edge of sloping beach. Altitude region between the sub quite diverse, ranging from 3 up to 959 meters from sea level to the slope between two to five meters. In general, soil structure consists of red-yellow podzolic soil from the ground rock that has a material base of granite, and alluvial and gley soil and humus organosol.
Besides the strategic location of Natuna Island and the surrounding area is essentially a series of potentials endowed with natural resources that have not been adequately managed or there is not at all, which include: marine fishery resources, which reached more than 1 million tons per year with a total utilization of only 36 %, which is only about 4.3% by the Natuna Islands. Agriculture & estates such as potatoes, coconut, rubber, oil & clove tourist objects are: marine (coastal, island diving), mountains, waterfalls, caves, and the cultivation of D-Alpha gas field, located 225 km north of Natuna Island ( in IEEZ) with total reserves 222 trillion cubic feet (TCT) and gaseous hydrocarbons that can be obtained for 46 TCT is one of Asia’s largest source.




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